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Exhibition Catalogs

Fifteen American Painters; Long Beach Museum of Art. Los Angeles: Felix Landau Gallery, 1957.


James Jarvaise: The Hudson River School Series. Los Angeles: Felix Landau Gallery, 1958.


Paintings, Collages and Drawings: Leon Goldin, Robert Irwin, James Jarvaise, John Paul Jones, Jack Zajac. New York: John Heller Gallery, 1958.


Miller, Dorothy C. (ed.). Sixteen Americans, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Hartford: Connecticut Printers, Inc., 1958.


James Jarvaise: Recent Paintings. Los Angeles: Felix Landau Gallery, 1960.


Fifty Paintings by Thirty-seven Painters of the Los Angeles Area. Los Angeles: University of California

Art Galleries, 1960.


James Jarvaise: Recent Paintings. Rome: Istituto Grafico Tiberino, 1962.


Paintings from Spain: James Jarvaise. Los Angeles: Felix Landau Gallery, 1964.


Contemporary California Art from the Lytton Collection. Los Angeles: Lytton Center for the Visual Arts,



Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture, Krannert Art Museum. Urbana, Chicago and London: University of Illinois Press, 1967.


James Jarvaise: Oil Paintings on Leaves of Metal Assembled in Combination of Low and High Relief – Executed During the Past Three Years. New York: Landau-Alan Gallery, 1967.


Leaf Paintings by James Jarvaise. Los Angeles: Felix Landau Gallery, 1967.


Functionists High with Hans Burkhardt, Connor Everts, Claire Falkenstein, James Jarvaise, Ynez Johnston, Matsumi Kanemitsu, Helen Lundeberg, Emerson Woelffer, and June Wayne (Exhibition Curated by Marc Kreisel and Katy Crowe). Los Angeles: American Gallery, 1990.

L.A. Rising: SoCal Artists before 1980, California / International Arts Foundation (CIAF), 2010.


Works from the Mid-Twentieth Century: James Jarvaise and the Hudson River Series. West Hollywood: Louis Stern Fine Arts, 2012.

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